Full Escoulen Line
(Items shown include all the optional accessories available for the Escoulen Chuck system)
Designed by famous French woodturner, Jean Francois Escoulen, the Vicmarc Escoulen Chuck represents the gold standard for off-center and eccentric turning.  This unique chuck is manufactured exclusively by Vicmarc. The Escoulen Chuck expands the possibilities for off center turning and its array of accessories provide a convenient means for exploring the limitless realms of eccentric turning.

The Escoulen chuck features an infinitely variable axis setting capacity.  With the range of 0 to 1  5/16 inches (0-30mm) each setting presents a different turning axis.  In addition,  the rotating cup chuck allows you to create an even wider variety of shapes, depending on the chosen axis.  

Off Center Adjustment

Adding the optional Faceplate/Ball set and optional Ball Swivel to the #3 chuck provides three axis capability for work pieces.  This option allows pieces to be swiveled up to 15° off the z-axis for even more flexible turning. 

The combination of several shapes on a single piece, without having to remove the work piece, enables the creative turner to make very personalized and highly creative originals.

Manufactured from K1045 (cold drawn, high temperature stress relieved medium tensile steel) gives all Vicmarc chucks high durability ensuring a long life even under heavy duty professional use.  The very high quality finish significantly reduces susceptibility to rust.  Vicmarc chucks have a large variety of accessories that provide almost limitless holding configurations.  All Vicmarc chucks are guaranteed for one year against any defects due to workmanship.

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Standard #3
 - - Items Included - -
Lever Bar
Threaded Spindle Insert
5mm Allen T-Bar
4mm Allen T-Bar
4mm Allen L-Bar
#3 Gauge
10mm Spanner
40mm Cup Chuck
Owner's Manual
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The Standard Escoulen Eccentric Chuck  #3 kit allows you to turn on up to three different axis when equipped with the optional Escoulen Ball Adapter and Ball Chucks.
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Chuck #2
  - - Items Included - -
V380 Eccentric Adapter
V367 Eccentric, Ball Adaptor
V365 Eccentric ball 22 mm
V366 Eccentric ball 40 mm
4mm & 5mm Allen T-Bar Keys
Threaded Spindle insert
Lever Bar
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The Eccentric Chuck #2 allows you to turn on two axis and will accept all the Escoulen accessories. The ball adaptor turns 360 degrees and the ball will swivel 15 degrees on the z axis.
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V1877 Eccentric M-30 Ball
V1878 M-30 3 1/2 in. Faceplate
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The Faceplate/Ball set provides an easy means to add  a Faceplate either to the Eccentric Chuck #2 or #3.  
Using with the #3 chuck requires the V0367 Ball Adapter.
The ball adaptor turns 360 degrees and the ball will swivel 15 degrees on the z axis.
20 mm Cup Chuck
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V0370 Cup Chuck
Price - $34.95
40 mm Cup Chuck
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V0371 Cup Chuck
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52mm Cup Chuck
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V0372 Cup Chuck
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Ball Adapter
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V0367 Ball Adapter
Price - $74.95
22mm Ball
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V0365 22mm Ball
Price - $32.95
22mm Ball
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V0366 40mm Ball
Price - $32.95
90mm Faceplate
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V0373 90mm Faceplate
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